This extension is developed for Dynamics 365 Business Central in order to help people to identify easier customer, vendor and others entity on ledger entries and all the tables which are related to them. In fact, some tables of Dynamics 365 Business Central contain a customer or vendor identifier which doesn’t mean a lot for peoples who work on.
So, the goal of this extension is to add columns with the name of the customer or vendor to all the places that contains these identifiers.
Natively in Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft has added an option that allows to display this customer or vendor name but only on the basic ledger entries pages. We can say that this extension is continuity of Dynamics 365 Business Central functionality.
There is no configuration for this extension, all the new columns are initialized at the extension installation and continually up to date when you open the pages concerned.

How does it work?

The goal of this extension is to be totally autonomous; the fields are added automatically when you install the extension and when you add, update or delete a line in a concerned table, the new columns are recalculated at the same time. So, he only thing you must do, is to install the extension. Next if you go to a page that contains a field “Customer No.”, “Vendor No.”, “Sell-to Customer No.”, “Buy-from Vendor No.” or something like that, you’ll be able to see a new field left which contains the real name of the customer or the vendor.

How to install the extension?

To install the extension, please type “extension” in the search bar in Business central and click on “Extensions” to reach the extension management module.
Once in the extension menu, search for “Entries Source Names” Extension and double click on it to start the install setup. Click on next and install and wait during the installation process.
The extension is now installed on your business central environment and you can enjoy extension features. If you want to uninstall the extension, please do the same process.

Which pages are concerned?

There is a lot of pages affected by this extension because there is a lot of pages that contains identifiers without names and the goal is to treat each of them. For this first version of the extension, we dressed an exhaustive list of the concerned pages:
General Ledger Entries
Customer Ledger Entries
Vendor Ledger Entries
Item Ledger Entries
Value Ledger Entries
Following other pages are concerned :
  • Resource Ledger Entries
  • VAT Entries
  • Bank Account Ledger Entries
  • Check Ledger Entries
  • Detailed Customer Ledger Entries
  • Fixed Asset Ledger Entries
  • Maintenance Ledger Entries