Audit & Consulting

Audit & conseil de votre système d'information

What is audit and consulting?

Audit and consulting provide an opportunity to analyse the functioning of enterprises and the organization of their information systems identify with them the nature of their project and determine their future requirements.

We work mainly with small and medium-sized enterprises.

How is it going?

First, we audit your company to collect all the necessary information:

  • Understand how you work;
  • Understanding the organization of your information system;
  • Identify the nature of your projects;
  • Define your future needs.
Then, we advise you in your choice of tool so that it corresponds to your needs and your projects.

What is the methodology used?

We meet with each person, which allows us to have a precise view of your information system. This is an important preliminary phase that allows a collaboration with confidence.

You’re interested?

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