Disability Accessibility

In order to promote the inclusion of all, SBSI Consulting updates itself on the possible modalities related to disability situations.

Below are some useful links about disability accessibility.

AGEFIPH (association for the management of the fund for the integration of disabled people) is responsible for supporting the employment development of people with disabilities.

Cap Emploi : réseau d'accompagnement et de construction de parcours pour les personnes en situation de handicap

Cap Emploi develops expertise in the accompaniment and construction of pathways for audiences who require specialized and reinforced accompaniment given their disability.

UFIPH : Union Française pour l’Insertion des Personnes en situation de Handicap

The UFIPH (the French union for the integration of people with disabilities) informs and accompanies companies to meet the regulatory requirements in direct or indirect employment, all in an eco-responsible approach.

ADIPH35 : Association Départementale pour l’Insertion des Personnes Handicapées en Ille-et-Vilaine

ADIPH35 (Departmental Association for the Integration of Disabled Persons in Ille-et-Vilaine) supports individuals and organizations towards a world of work that accepts and is enriched by disability.

Handicap.fr informs about news and obligations related to disability.

https://handicap.gouv.fr provides information on news and obligations related to disability.

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